All Treatments Available For Varicose Veins


    All Treatments Available For Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins can be seen clearly with a pool of blood and it appears bulging. This happens when blood circulation is not proper. However, they can develop at any part of the body but they are more common in the legs and thighs. If the case is very mild then it gets better without the need of visiting the doctor. In this case, you can find relief by trying the home treatment and various other alternative varicose veins treatment. But if the problem is in excess then it should not be ignored and special medical attention is required.

    Various Varicose Veins Treatment Available:

    • Compression therapy

    This is the very first alternative which the doctors will suggest especially when the symptoms are clearly visible. The patient should wear these properly fitting support hose to treat the problem. The compression stockings are easily available at pharmacies and medical supply store. They are available in different styles which include below the knee, above the knee, and pantyhose style. They also come in different compression which is from 8 mm-Hg (the lowest) to 50 mm-Hg (the highest).

    • Sclerotherapy

    In this treatment, an injection is directly inserted into the veins which helps it to get disappear and collapse. The patient has to visit the doctor for several treatments so that the desired results can be achieved.

    • Laser and light therapy

    With this method, the veins get shrink because they heat the blood vessel. It is the most and effective way to treat the problem. This method is mostly used to treat the issue of larger varicose veins. To effectively treat the problem, several treatments are required in the gap of six-weeks.

    Another option is high-intensity pulsed light which is known as light therapy. It is different from laser light because it emits a spectrum of light rather than a single wavelength. It can effectively treat the issue of certain varicose veins, small spider veins, and vascular birthmarks. Patients who don’t want to get injections or needles can go for this option.

    • Surgery

    For some patients, surgery is the only and best option. If the symptoms such as bleeding, and swelling are very severe then surgical treatment is the best option. It includes endoscopic, Ligation and stripping. The option of ligation and stripping is combined together for more effective results. Vein ligation is a very minor procedure in which the surgeon cut and ties off the veins which have a problem. For removal of larger varicose veins, stripping is used. In this, 2 small incisions are made and the recovery time is around 10 days.

    Before selecting any method for the treatment of varicose veins, it is best to consult the health care provider and discuss the potential benefits, risk factor and side effects.