Which are the 6 most effective tips to recover from varicose vein surgery?


    Which are the 6 most effective tips to recover from varicose vein surgery?

    Prepare yourself in Advance

    Have you ever wondered, ‘Why is it suggested by the doctor to prepare in advance?’ No matter what treatment you are getting, you should prepare yourself beforehand. In case, you are going to get Varicose Veins Treatment In Punjab, the doctor will tell you effective tips which will make it easier to recover from varicose vein surgery.

    In this blog, our doctor has shared some of the effective tips which will help you prepare yourself for the surgery beforehand.

    Tip 1: Initial consultation

    It is the pre-surgery office visit, in which the doctor will go through your medical history and perform a physical examination. Also, the doctor will do some tests to make sure your health is right. Make sure that you get as much information as you can from the doctor. In case, something is not clear then ask them for more. Also, ask whether you need to wear a compression garment before or after the surgery.


    Tip 2: Understand the surgical approach

    Traditionally, severe varicose vein treatment includes vein stripping and ligation. Also, the doctor can suggest ambulatory phlebectomy. The doctor will make a tiny incision and then the vein is removed. Another approach is PINstriping. You should talk to the surgeon about which surgery would be ideal for you and how you will be able to recover from it.


    Tip 3: Ask about lifestyle changes

    When you consult the doctor, you should ask about the changes which you need to make. Like, smoking needs to be stopped before surgery because it can increase the time of healing. You should also ask him about all the medications and supplements which need to be stopped. Some might increase the risk of bleeding or it won’t be right with the anesthesia you will get.


    Tip 4: Prepare for after surgery

    You should plan who is going to take you home after surgery or arrange a ride to take you back home. As you will be on the effect of anesthesia, so you cannot drive back to your place. Also, ask someone to stay with you for 24 hours as you are not allowed to do anything. You need to be easy on yourself and it is better that you prepare for everything in advance.


    Tip 5: Ride back home after surgery

    During the ride, you need to protect the legs. It is better that you sit in the back seat after surgery. Sit on the side and stretch the legs.

    When you are home, keep the feet on pillows when you are sitting on a couch or chair. By doing so, the blood circulation will be normal.


    Tip 6: Pain management

    You must plan well to manage the pain. Most importantly, you need to carefully follow the doctor’s instructions. To ease pain and swelling, you need to keep the ice pack on the leg for a few minutes. Use an extra pillow to make yourself feel comfortable.


    Additional Tips

    • Walk around every 10 to 15 minutes.
    • Call the doctor right away if you have an infection, redness, or swelling is getting worse, or blood clot.
    • The bandage needs to be dry. Make sure to avoid standing up for a long time.
    • Give your body some time to heal from the surgery.