What is gynecomastia and what is the best treatment option to get rid of man boobs?


    What is gynecomastia and what is the best treatment option to get rid of man boobs?

    What is gynecomastia?

    Women and men have breast tissues that can produce milk after childbirth. Gynecomastia condition happens when the men’s breast tissues get enlarged in excess. In appearance, they can look swollen, or might be like the shape of a woman’s breast. This condition can affect both breasts.

    Fortunately, the patient can choose to undergo gynecomastia surgery which helps them to get the desired results and they do not have to live with this problem.


    What are the reasons for man boobs?

    • Overweight

    If the person is overweight then the excess fat deposit can lead to this problem. In many cases, the individual can get rid of the issue, once they lose weight.

    • Low testosterone level

    Low testosterone levels can result in problems. The person can feel tired, eat less, or they might feel like going to bed early. In many cases, it can lead to the development of breast tissues.


    Which is the best treatment to get rid of this problem?

    Liposuction treatment for gynecomastia patients

    If the problem is because of hormonal imbalance, then liposuction is not effective. Right after the surgery, the problem will come back again. So, when the liposuction treatment works.


    When is liposuction effective?

    If you only have fat deposits in the chest area, then the only liposuction is going to be effective.

    Excision or surgery for gynecomastia

    Men with gynecomastia have mammary glands behind the nipple. In most cases, surgical intervention is needed to resolve the issue.

    First of all, if the enlarged gland is the only gland in the chest area then the surrounding glands can swell and you might be where you have started. It is best to get treatment for hormonal balance so that you do not face issues in the future.


    Is exercise effective for this condition?

    Many men think that if they try a few extra push-ups or any other exercise it can work for them. But to get rid of man boobs it should not be your only strategy. When the muscles are added it increases the metabolism and fat are burned easily.


    Is there a long-term solution?

    • Have a hold on inflammation

    Inflammation helps you to keep a hold on the body fat and water, which means it does not affect the growth of breast tissues. Given below are the things which you can do:

    • Diindolylmethane (DIM)

    It is found in vegetables that protects the breast against cancer. Too much estrogen and testosterone can result in problems. With this, the enzymes are in control of the body.

    • Arimidex

    The working principle of Arimidex is the same as that of DIM. Many people can get success with these options, and it works as a great option.