What are the precautions to follow before and after the hair transplant?


    What are the precautions to follow before and after the hair transplant?

    It drastically affects our personality when we are going through severe hair loss. Our whole appearance becomes subjective to that change. This is the predominant reason that many people in today’s world are relying heavily on Hair transplant surgery. Hair transplantation is one of the stratagems for hair restoration. Although there are many other procedures and treatment options are available, hair loss patients are finding it more trustworthy as long as it is concerned with their emergence.

    So let us talk about what are indispensable precautions that are must be taken after one has gone through the procedure:

    • Alleviate your head

    It is suggested to take one additional pillow while you are sleeping. You need to alleviate your head after you have gone through the transplantation procedure. It is because the swelling in the scalp is a common phenomenon after one has gone through a surgical procedure. But to avoid the further development of the swelling in other zones of the scalp, it is suggested to sleep by keeping your head raised.

    • Neglect consumption of alcohol and cigarette

    Before going through the procedure, it is always suggested to all the patients to neglect the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes wholly. If you do not follow this guideline, the blood supply to your head will heavily get affected and it may cut down the chances of hair surviving in the recipient zone.

    • Do not get exposed to sweating

    Do not indulge in any kind of physical activity that may become the reason for your sweating. If you will be exposed to sweating, then there are chances that you will experience any sort of infection in the scalp.

    • Stress may cause the disaster

    You should avoid exposing yourself to stress because stress is something that always causes an adverse effect in almost all situations. So if we are talking about the hair transplantation procedure, your perpetual exposure to stress may aggravate the risk of hair follicles not being able to flourish in the recipient zone.

    It is suggested that you should refrain yourself from the activities or people that may become the reason for stress. Because one week after the surgery is a crucial period.

    • Do not do anything contrary to the instructions of a doctor

    You are suggested not to do anything which is exactly opposite to the guidelines and instructions issued by the doctor.

    For instance, if the doctor has restricted you to shampoo for an absolute one week after the surgery, you should follow him. If you do contrary to his instructions, then you yourself will be responsible for the failure of the procedure.

    Final Thoughts

    One should bear in mind that the dermatologist or surgeon who performs the surgery is not only the one who is responsible for establishing successful results of the surgery. There is a contribution of the patient itself in making the surgical procedure successful. One can contribute by following the issued instructions and guidelines.