Varicose veins: Meaning, Diagnosis, Nature of effective treatment options


    Varicose veins: Meaning, Diagnosis, Nature of effective treatment options

    Varicose veins can be described as the twisting of the veins that happens particularly in your legs. If you sometimes feel that you are afflicted with this problem then you should consider getting diagnosed by experienced doctors. Make sure for the Varicose veins treatment in Punjab, you are choosing the best clinic like Profile clinic.

    In the ensuing piece of information, we shall be discussing all the aspects of the varicose veins:

    • How is the problem of the varicose veins diagnosed?

    The doctors take into account the physical examination to check whether the individual is oppressed with the problem or not.

    • When is the ultrasound test undertaken?

    If the doctor suspects that either the valves in the veins are not functioning normally or the blood has clotted in the veins, only then ultrasound testing is considered.

    • What is the nature of the treatment procedure?

    All thanks to the advancement of medical science that has come up with less invasive techniques to treat the problem. Besides, you will be more glad to know that the treatment for varicose veins is done as an outpatient procedure and the patient does not face any complications or discomfort after the procedure.

    • How can self care help to prevent the coming up of the problem?

    The problem can be prevented if the individual is taking care of all the following mentioned measures:

    • Avoid sitting and standing for the longer intervals
    • Avoid putting excessive pressure on the legs
    • Exercising regularly
    • Taking care of the diet
    • Maintaining the ideal weight


    • How can compression stocking help in getting rid of the problem?

    The wearing of the compression stockings for a longer period can help your legs to retain the ideal functioning and structure of the veins.

    • What if no treatment plan is suiting for the treatment of the varicose veins?

    If the problem has gotten severe over time and none other remedy is helping to bring about the required results, then the individuals should switch to effective treatment options like the following:

    • Sclerotherapy

    Sclerotherapy aims at making the varicose veins fade with the injection of a solution that contributes to scarring and the foaming of the veins.

    • Laser treatment

    The doctors are gifted with the potential laser technology that aids in closing the veins with the sending of the intense laser lights.

    • High ligation and the vein stripping

    To tie the vein before it gets connected with the big vein can be carried out by using small incisions. This procedure is also the outpatient one which means you can go home the same day after the completion of the procedure.

    • Ambulatory phlebectomy

    With the help of the little skin punctures, an effort is put into the elimination of the tiny varicose veins. Legs are initially numbed and the picking is done. Scarring happens after the procedure but that too is significantly minimal.

    • Endoscopic Vein surgery

    This stratagem is only taken into account if the intensity of the varicose veins is dreadful and these also include the ulcers in the legs.