Things you should know before taking up fat grafting for augmentation


    Things you should know before taking up fat grafting for augmentation

    Fat grafting is the most renowned procedure in today’s age where plastic surgery is gaining a rapid pace. Fat can be used as the filler for the areas which are to be augmented with the procedure. Fat transplantation cost in Punjab is quintessentially low as compared to the other states since Profile Forte which is situated in Punjab provides the best and cost-effective treatment.

    Let us get to know the basics of the fat grafting procedure

    Procedure for fat grafting

    • With the help of the cannula, the fat is extracted from the donor area. For the fat extraction, the sterile technique is used.
    • In the next stage, the centrifuge is used to eliminate the impurities from the fat.
    • The purified fat is filled in the syringes and those syringes are injected into the areas to be treated.
    • What exactly is fat grafting?

    Some areas in our body are running short of fat and because of that, the aesthetic of that region is not appealing. So this procedure aims at extracting the fat from the area which does have fat in large amounts.

    For example, You want to get your lips augmented but only the cheeks are having the fat in quintessentially larger amounts. So you can extract some fat from the region and get it transplanted in the required area or zone.

    • Who can take up the procedure?

    The patient who has never suffered from any kind of serious health problems like that of the heart and kidneys is fit to undergo the surgery. Yes, it is also relevant to mention that those patients who do have realistic expectations for the procedure should opt up for undergoing the same.

    • For whom will the fat grafting procedure be useful?

    Fat grafting procedure will only be useful for the patients who are seeking augmentation in the following areas of the body:

    • Hands
    • Feet
    • Lips
    • Buttocks
    • Which areas of the body are used to extract the fat?

    The fat is extracted from those portions of the body which do have fat available in the surplus amounts like the following:

    • Belly
    • Thighs
    • Buttocks

    Once the fat is extracted, it is injected into the area to be augmented, after it has been purified.

    • How much time does it take to get recovered from the procedure?

    You may be restricted to perform certain activities for one week. Besides, the areas which have been treated may encounter bruising and swelling. But both of these can go on their own within one week.

    • What will happen during post-operative care?

    As far as post-operative care is concerned, compressive dressings and the tapes will go home with you since you will not be allowed to wear them off on your own. After a few days, the doctor may suggest you take a massage program to make the fat get equally distributed in the various zones of the treated area.