Some Causes That Leads to Slow Hair Loss and How to counter it


    Some Causes That Leads to Slow Hair Loss and How to counter it

    Slow hair growth is a common condition, which can cause due to several factors such as hormonal problems, genetic reasons, nutrition deficiency, and so on. In order to get the information about the causes and how to treat it then you must read this article carefully. Since we are going to give detailed information about slow hair growth.

    In order to know the causes of slow hair growth, you need to understand the hair growth cycle first.

    Hair Growth Cycle

    There are three phases of hair growth cycle such as-:

    • Anagen
    • Catagen
    • Telogen.

    Now, let’s have a look at these phases.

    Anagen Phase

    This is the first phase of the hair growth cycle which lasts up to seven years. In this phase, your new hair grows with the help of hair follicles. And during this phase, your hair follicles need extra nutrients for proper blood supply. During this phase, you will experience 90% hair growth.


    This phase lasts up to a few weeks and also known as the transition phase. You will notice little shrinkage of hair in this phase during brushing or pulling.


    Also known as the resting phase, which promotes hair loss. Well, you will surely experience the hair thinning in this phase which lasts up to three or four months. After four months, the hair growth cycle again starts from the anagen phase.

    Causes of slow hair growth

    There are several causes of slow hair growth such as-:

    Nutrient deficiency

    Majority of people experience slow hair growth due to vitamin and protein deficiency. Well, our hair is made of keratin which is actually a type of protein. And which is necessary for hair growth. Or vitamins are too necessary for hair growth because these protect our scalp and hair follicles from infections. In addition to this, if you are suffering from vitamin and protein deficiency then you will surely experience slow hair growth.

    Hormonal problems

    Hormonal changes are normal and these are responsible for hair fall in both sexes. Actually, if you are suffering from low and high both the levels of hormones, you will definitely experience the slow hair growth.

    Genetic factors

    Hereditary factors are defined as if your any family member or sibling has or had hair fall condition in previous years then you will surely experience the slow hair growth. Which can only be treated with the help of hair transplant, because this is only the surgical hair loss treatment which gives you permanent results.

    How to promote hair growth?

    There are so many tips to promote hair growth. You should go with healthy nutrition such as consume foods which are rich in proteins and vitamins. And you must change your hair styling habits because this will lead you to serious conditions. Moreover, you can also go with hair growth supplements and solutions.