Patients Journey of undergoing Gynecomastia Surgery


    Patients Journey of undergoing Gynecomastia Surgery

    Gynecomastia procedure is becoming very popular among men to get a perfect looking masculine figure. undergoing this procedure has helped many men to gain back their self-confidence. Still, many people doubt how it can be helpful. In this guide, we have shared a patient’s journey as his life was changed for the better.

    Gynecomastia has become a major concern for many men all over the world. In the same Amit, aged 38 was also experiencing this issue. But after undergoing the Gynecomastia surgery he is a much happier and confident person. Here is his story:

    In the early 20s, I had a slight discomfort in the chest area but it used to come and go. But later the discomfort increased and it would make it difficult for me to do daily activities. Along with that, I was overweight so I thought that it might be creating issue so I started doing exercise. Doing exercise helped me to lose weight but the fat around the chest was still there as well as discomfort. Everything seems to be puzzling and it made me even more frustrated. When I researched I was able to know that I had Gynecomastia. The additional search led me to the Profile centre.

    Meeting Dr. Vikas Gupta

    Well, I have not undergone any surgery so it was nerve-wracking and I did not know what to expect. But, after meeting the doctor and his entire team it helped to bring my mind at ease. Dr.Vikas Gupta is forthcoming, patient, and reassuring. During the consultation, he answered all my questions and explained the entire procedure in detail.

    By consulting the doctor I get to know the proper reason behind my condition. The doctor also told me that with age the problem can occur or aggravate. He also told me that it is not just a physical aspect but it is a kind of psychological trauma.

    Undergoing the surgery

    Before the surgery I was nervous like any would have so I decided to read more about it and know more about the post-care. Also, with the suggestions and guidance of the surgeon, it helped to have positive thoughts. With the added confidence I went through the surgery with comfort and helped to get the success.

    Improved look

    With the surgeon’s guideline, the recovery was speedy and smooth. Amit also shared,” My friends also told me the results are impressive. This is true I have not felt this confident for a long time this surgical procedure helped to improve my physical appearance. The skills and experience of the doctor & his entire team have made the results even better”.

    Talk to the doctor

    Having strong support is important so make sure to clear your doubts and fears. Instead of worrying and waiting for a long time like I did you should get medical help right away.