Is it advisable to lose weight before tummy tuck?


    Is it advisable to lose weight before tummy tuck?

    The tummy tuck is often considered by people who have gained a lot of weight after a pregnancy or bariatric surgery and wish to shed their extra kilos. Many of them ask whether they should continue with their weight loss program once they have undergone the tummy tuck surgery. The plastic surgeon connected with the weight loss surgery suggests that the weight must be stabilized point if one is considering undergoing such a surgery. Given below are the important points related to the surgery –

    A finer look at the procedure 

    It is a surgical procedure that aims to remove the excess abdominal skin following weight loss. In case the muscles are too relaxed, the surgeon will tighten them up. It involves making a horizontal incision along the panty line which goes from one hip to another. It will be followed by lifting the skin and the tissue underneath to re-contour it and remove excess tissues. The last step is to suture the stitches. The surgery will need many stitches as the area is large.

    Is it true that you will lose weight with the tummy tuck procedure?

    It will certainly help you in losing some amount of weight and looking better, but the reality is that only a certain amount of pounds is removed. It should not be taken as a quick fix weight loss procedure. You will have to follow a balanced diet which is low in fat to ensure they you lose weight before the surgery.

    The countdown begins…

    It is recommended that you lose 10-15 pounds of weight before you undergo the surgery. It is also important to maintain your weight for at least 6 months before you go under the knife. Weight stability is required so that your abdomen does not show sudden changes in weight as it will play up the results of the tummy tuck surgery. Continuous weight loss will result in more excess skin in the abdominal area. At the same time, gaining more than 10-15 pounds will stretch the abdominal skin and nullify the effect of the tummy tuck surgery.

    The natural conclusion is that you must lose weight before the surgery. Overall, the answer to whether or not you should lose weight before your tummy tuck procedure is that you should do so until you are close to your final goal weight. Once you are within reasonable sight of that goal, you should then work at stabilizing your weight for several months before your surgery.