Is fat Transfer ideal for you?


    Is fat Transfer ideal for you?

    When people think of fat they think of the body areas from where they need to reduce the fat. But, body fat has an essential purpose as they store calories and metabolism is controlled with the hormone release. In this topic, we are going to tell you whether undergoing fat transfer is the best choice for the patients.

    Fat transfer has become a very popular cosmetic procedure and often performed by board-certified plastic surgeon. The plastic surgery is often combined with liposuction treatment. In this procedure, undesirable fat is removed from the patient’s hips, thighs, and other body parts. After that, the plastic surgeon will transfer the suctioned fat to the targeted body part so that volume is increased, plumpness, and fullness.

    When the skin is plumped it helps in soothing the wrinkles. With age, the skin gets saggy and this procedure also helps in solving that. Around 40% of the fat is absorbed by the body within 4 months and around 60% will stay for several years.

    Benefits of undergoing Fat transfer

    • Women who are undergoing their last pregnancy might be planning to restore their lost figure. They might consider the option of breast augmentation with fat transfer instead of using silicone implants. In this case, the fat is taken from own body (autologous fat) so the possible risk factors are avoided. Along with that the maintenance and need for additional surgery are also avoided.
    • This procedure is combined with liposuction to do breast augmentation so the results look natural. After that, the patients can opt for the option of silicone implants if they want to.
    • Patients who want to look youthful, energetic, and vibrant can be benefited with the fat transfer procedure. When the fat is transferred to the face the facial wrinkles will get soft which occurs due to the aging sign.
    • With age, the skin gets saggy and wrinkles start appearing so this option is best for the patients to solve this issue. After the procedure, the skin will get plump and the lost volume will come back as it gives the desired fullness.
    • Moreover, the appearance of wrinkles is very less and it won’t make you look tired. With the coming years, your young and youthful look will be restored. Once the fat gets transferred to the eye area the dark circles are not easily noticeable.

    Eat Well and Exercise

    After the procedure, it is important to follow a proper diet and exercise. With the treatment, you will be ready to show your best appearance and look youthful for many years. This way the results will be maintained for a long time without any issue.

    If you think the procedure is best for you and you want to know more then book your appointment for a consultation.