Is a hair mask the best choice for hair loss? Can it treat alopecia?


    Is a hair mask the best choice for hair loss? Can it treat alopecia?

    Hair Mask for Hair Loss: Is it worth it?

    Baldness and hair loss is one common condition experienced by individuals. No doubt, undergoing the Hair Transplant in Punjab can save your mane permanently & even give you natural-looking results. Indeed, the Hair Transplant Cost is affordable in India as compared to other treatment plans as its average cost is around Rs 40,000.

    But, you are planning to consider other options before that or looking for something which can keep your hair nourished after the treatment. You might have come across a hair mask and you must be thinking whether it is nourishing for hair or can it fight against alopecia.

    What a nourishing mask is for?

    A nourishing mask contains high-end cosmetic products which are a great way to nourish the hair and through this, the hair will also get the essential nutrients. The ingredients present in it will penetrate the scalp and then they reach the hair follicles. Hair masks are sticky & creamy-looking in nature and their application is best suited before you shampoo the hair. The hair mask should be applied evenly and later you can massage the scalp.

    Can a hair mask prevent hair loss?

    Although, there is no straight answer because the doctor will offer you baldness treatment only after considering what is the cause. One of the major reasons for hair loss is your hair is not getting hair nutrients or the hair care products are used in excess. The hair loss can be effective against the:

      • Spot baldness
      • Anagen effluvium
      • Androgenetic alopecia

    The active ingredients present in the hair mask will help to regenerate the hair from outside & even from the root it will be benefited. But, when your hair is getting deep from the root of the problem and is getting severe then hair transplant surgery is the best choice.

    Which ingredients are helpful to promote hair growth?

    Birch water, brewer’s yeast, and valuable oils are effective against hair growth. But, make sure that you only go with one choice out of these, specifically that contains phytochemicals.

    However, you have to keep in mind that the dead follicles are not possible to regenerate. In such a condition, the hair follicles have to be transplanted to the problematic site so that it can result in hair growth.

    What is the best choice to save hair locks?

    The use of a hair mask has only a limited effect on the hair because the dead follicles cannot regrow on their own. In such a case, the hair transplant treatment (FUE or FUT) can save your hair locks. Studies have shown that around 95% of the patients can get the desired results.

    If you are dealing with hair loss, then first of all you have to consult the best hair expert. Only this way, you can come across a treatment plan which is effective and helps with your hair loss. If you would like to know more, then get in touch with our hair expert.