How to Cope up with hair loss due to lupus?


    How to Cope up with hair loss due to lupus?

    Hair loss is also caused due to a lupus problem as well. These days, there are several people who are suffering from hair loss problem. In order to get the hair loss treatment, you need to visit the best clinic. So, that you can get the best hair transplant according to your condition.

    Hair loss is not only caused due to hormonal problems but also occurs in people suffering from lupus. In addition to this, there are two main forms of hair loss such as Scarring alopecia and non-scarring alopecia. In which scarring alopecia is explained as permanent hair fall, which is caused due to Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE). This type of lupus usually affects the skin such as-:

    • The head
    • Neck
    • Backs of the hands.

    This condition then leads to severe conditions include permanent hair fall.

    Whereas, non-scarring Alopecia is caused by Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). This condition refers to hair thinning but not a permanent hair fall. In this condition, your hair easily breaks but does not lead you to bald patches. You may also experience hair thinning at the front edges of the hairline.

    Apart from lupus, you may experience hair fall due to certain other conditions. These are-:

    • Thyroid disorders
    • Stress
    • Medications include Steroids, antimalarials, methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, and leflunomide.
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Ageing/Genetics

    Best ways to cope with hair loss due to lupus

    Well, there are several ways to cope with hair fall due to lupus. First of all, you need to understand which type of hair fall you have. For this, you need to visit the specialist so that you can get the proper treatment for your condition.

    Seek the specialist help

    First of all, you must seek specialist help so that you can get a proper check-up of your condition. He may recommend you to go through a hair transplant according to your hair fall condition. This hair transplant surgery is specially designed for those who are suffering from excessive hair fall or baldness as well.

    Avoid direct UV rays.

    You may not know that UV rays are harmful to your hair and scalp as well. You have to take care of your skin, otherwise, direct sunlight or UV rays will harm your skin badly. And due to this, you may experience scarring alopecia, which refers to permanent hair fall.

    Reduce stress and go with a healthy diet

    As we stated above, this hair fall condition also occurs due to excessive stress. So you need to overcome it, with the help of yoga and meditation. In addition, you must go with a healthy and balanced diet, which contains all the necessary nutrients for hair growth.