How much time does regrowth of hair take after hair transplant treatment?


    How much time does regrowth of hair take after hair transplant treatment?

    Successful results with Hair Transplant treatment

    One of the major questions asked by the patients undergoing hair transplant in Punjab is ‘How long does it take to regrow hair?’ No doubt, the results of the treatment are tremendous and the patient can see the desired results on time. The hair grows in a particular pattern and there is a set timeline in which your doctor will inform you about the treatment.

    How fast does your hair grow?

    Hair growth in 2 weeks following hair transplant

    Following 2 weeks, the patient will notice hair shedding which is part of the surgery. Hair shedding means it is just the hair and the hair follicles are secure and intact in its position. This is important as it leads to stronger and healthier hair growth. To see a visible change, you need to wait for at least one month.

    Hair growth is one month

    Normally, the hair grows around 1.3cm (1/2inch) per month. In a year, the hair grows around 6 inches. But, the results can vary from person to person. Genetics is the prominent reason for hair loss along with diet and general health is an important factor.

    Hair growth in 4 months following hair transplant

    The initial hair growth will be seen in 3 to 4 months. During this time, there might be some discomfort, pain, and swelling, which is part of the surgery. Take the medications on time and follow your surgeon’s instructions. All the possible symptoms will get better within one or two weeks.

    Final results from the surgery

    To see the desired result from a hair transplant you need to wait for 10 to 12 months. During this time, follow the guidelines given by the surgeon and take all the necessary precautions for a better outcome.

    Is there any way to increase hair growth?

    Hair growth is a factor of genetic predisposition, overall health, and dietary changes. Your doctor might suggest you take supplements that help in hair growth. These supplements can even help to deal with deficiency.

    Your doctor will make sure the underlying ailment is treated to make your hair grow faster. In some cases, doctors can suggest PRP therapy along with hair transplant. The patients can suggest PRP procedures so that the patient feels comfortable. This means the patient can go through the treatment with ease and get to see the results on time.

    How fast is hair growth following a hair transplant?

    During a hair transplant, hair follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp to another. Patients think they would be able to see an inch of hair growth after one month, but this is not the case. Hair growth with hair transplant follows a different path. The hair transplant surgery leaves a traumatic effect on the hair follicles due to which it takes time for hair regrowth in a different position.