How Does The Hair Density Hold Importance For Hair Transplantation Surgery


    How Does The Hair Density Hold Importance For Hair Transplantation Surgery

    How significant is hair density in the process of hair transplant?

    We all desire a lovely mane. But how can it be when a person is experiencing hair loss? There are cases in which the person experiences hair loss as well as hair thinning, which leads to loss of hair density. But what is hair density? Hair density is the name given to the ratio of hair follicles per square centimeter. Hair density tends to vary across the countries and races. The Caucasians are known to have the highest hair density while African’s have the lowest hair density. Hair Density is a major factor in determining the chances of successful hair transplant. Let us see how it affects the chances of a successful hair transplant.

    How does hair transplant influence hair transplant?

    There are two things to be kept in mind when the process of hair transplant surgery is being undertaken. It is significant to go to a proclaimed surgeon. The clinic employed must also have an excellent reputation. Don’t commit the folly of handing over your precious assets in the hands of a novice surgeon. Hair density is as significant a factor.

    One might not want to go into the medical details of the process but it is very much an important task to determine how the surgeon is going to follow your natural hair density when he transplants your hair. The surgeon must associate high significance with the hair density so that the transplanted hair follows the natural pattern. The direction of the placed follicle is of utmost importance, one should also consider the pattern the patient has in his hair due to his combing style. Of course, a technique requiring so much finesse would be a disaster in the hands of an inexperienced person.

    Hair transplantation and hair fall pattern.

    If your fall has genetic reasons, it will follow a set pattern. If you seek transplant in the younger days, the result will seem to be brilliant for a few days. The natural hair will continue to fall and you will have only the transplanted hair remaining on your head after a point of time. You may require another hair transplant session to revive your hair again. It is important that you take notice of this fact as it may lead to friction between you and your doctor if you miss out on this point. The ultimate tip to avoid such a situation is to visit the trichologists at the hair clinic and hold a discussion on the topic so that they conduct the transplant in such a way that the follicle survival rate is prevented from going down.