Happy Patient: Hair Transplant changed my life and increased my confidence


    Happy Patient: Hair Transplant changed my life and increased my confidence

    Hair Transplant: Best Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair transplant treatment has been one of the most asked-for procedures in the present time. If you have been dealing with hair loss for a long time and are tired of using all the temporary hair loss treatment options, then it’s better to shift your focus toward this option. The way the procedure works and gives the final results makes all the difference. Undergoing a hair transplant has brought a lot of difference in several individuals’ lives, and it continues to do so. The blog will highlight the story of one of the patients who suffered from hair loss and how hair transplant treatment boosted his self-confidence.

    Happy Patient: Successful Hair Transplant In Ludhiana

    Amit Trivedi

    At the age of 26, when I needed to focus on myself and my career, I wondered, ‘How to deal with hair loss?’ The thought that within a few years, all my hair might be gone, or I have bald spots scared me. To be precise, it shattered my confidence into pieces. But then I decided to begin my search for Hair Restoration in Ludhiana.

    To make a difference in my hair loss problem. After searching, the only option that stands out for me is a Hair transplant.

    Begin treatment journey

    After having severe hair loss for around nine months, when I changed my mindset and looked for treatment options, I realized a hair transplant was the option I needed all this while. So, I decided to book an initial consultation to begin the journey of hair transplant in Ludhiana and end the suffering of hair loss.

    Schedule initial consultation

    After thorough research, I came across Dr. Vikas Gupta, one of the known hair transplantation surgeons in Ludhiana. I researched the doctor, and whether you talk about his experience, technical understanding, past reviews, or any other factor, all things made a huge difference.

    During the initial consultation, the doctor evaluated the present state of my hair. Asked me several questions and further told me what needed to be done. While doing this, the doctor suggested that I undergo an FUE hair transplant with 4500 hair grafts.

    Prompted FUE hair transplant

    The doctor designed the hairline on the day of treatment to ensure everything looked perfect. He made sure to check it, and together as we decided during the initial consultation, he made the hairline. The treatment took around 6 to 7 hours. I didn’t feel any pain while undergoing the treatment.

    Guided me through the after-care journey

    Not just the initial consultation or during treatment and even after that. The doctor suggested several things to keep in mind to make a recovery go as smoothly as possible.

    Amazing results boosted my confidence

    Indeed! Everything was worth it in the end. Within an 8 to 12-month time period, as told by Dr. Vikas Gupta, I noticed desired hair growth. A hair transplant journey is worth everything for any of you dealing with hair loss.