Hair Transplant: Can I apply oil after undergoing hair transplant treatment?


    Hair Transplant: Can I apply oil after undergoing hair transplant treatment?

    Patients undergoing the treatment of hair transplant in Punjab, often have different concerns in their minds. Like, ‘How much is the hair transplant cost?’ and ‘Whether they can apply oil after undergoing hair transplant?’ No doubt, you are investing your money. It is important to clear all your concerns about the surgery. Till the time, full recovery is not done you need to make sure that you carefully follow all the instructions given by the doctor. Doing so will make sure that your scalp heals quickly. No doubt, post-operative procedures are essential to get success from the hair transplant.

    Can I apply oil after undergoing a hair transplant?

    While you plan to undergo the hair transplant, you will notice normal hair fall & part of the process. Now, if you are concerned about whether you can apply hair oil or not, then first of all you need to talk about the same with your doctor.

    How long should I wait to apply hair oil after a hair transplant?

    You must know when you can apply the hair oil after undergoing a hair transplant. This way your post-recovery period will go in the right direction. Ideally, the doctor suggests that you wait for 1 week or 2 weeks to have proper rest. This will help the scalp to heal naturally.

    What hair oil can I apply after a hair transplant?

    If you notice itching or dryness in the healing area then you should apply the natural oils. Applying natural oils will help you to get relief from the itching and it even helps in healing. Here are some of the best oils which you should include:

      • Almond Oil
      • Coconut Oil
      • Sage
      • Olive Oil
      • Rosemary

    Make sure that you massage your scalp in circular motions and you can even mix these oils as per your liking. By doing so, it helps in hair growth and you will get to see the desired results.

    How are chemical oils risky to use after a hair transplant?

    Chemical use can affect hair growth and you won’t get to see the results you are looking for. Hair follicles are fragile in the first week, so make sure that you do not use any shampoo and oil which has chemicals in it.

    Like, if you feel irritation and you use aloe vera oils then it will irritate your scalp. Moreover, some of the oil can give ground to yeast and bacteria. So, always make sure that you use the oils as suggested by the doctor.

    Follow after-care as suggested by the hair expert

    Well! It is important that you carefully follow all the suggestions given by the doctor. Don’t try anything which your doctor has not suggested you do so. If you have any doubt on what to do after the hair transplant or what you need to avoid, then consult the doctor right away. Our experienced hair surgeon is always there to give you precise information which can save your hair locks.