Guide on Skin Tumors & Cysts Treatment


    Guide on Skin Tumors & Cysts Treatment

    Skin cysts and tumors are skin issues that are likely to cause pain. Although skin cysts are non-cancerous tissue pouches or closed tissues which might have fluid or material. Their presence underneath the skin surface is the size of small peas. If you apply pressure on the skin cysts then it will feel smooth and roll under the skin. It is also possible to see small openings on the surface. In medical terms, it is known as epidermal pore.

    On the other hand, skin tumors are abnormal tissue growth that is cancerous or harmless. Its prevalence is common in people with old age. Skin Tumors Treatment at the early stage will help to prevent the symptoms or situation from getting worse. Patients should understand the importance of timely medical evaluation so that the problem is managed easily. Some of the common benign tumors are:

    • Warts (skin tumor resulting from a virus)
    • Dermatofibromas (scar tissue from an old bug bite or acne lesion)
    • Nevi (skin growths in the form of moles or birthmarks)
    • Lipomas (normal fat in unwanted location, mostly due to traumatic injury)
    • Seborrheic keratoses (skin have a growth which ranges from light skin color to dark brown)

    What are the causes of skin cysts?

    Skin cysts are primarily due to infection, sebaceous glands getting blocked, or around the foreign bodies. It is better to consult the medical expert and understand the exact reason behind the issue.

    What are the treatment options for skin cysts?

    Although it is rare, some of the skin cysts are likely to get treated on their own. Some of them will require treatment like lancing. In this approach, a sharp object is pierced in the object and then it is drained out from the skin.

    Some of the cysts are treated through injection which is known as cortisone medications. In case, the primary treatment options do not work, then the doctor will suggest surgery. Moreover, surgical options are best when the growth is more than one or they are infected.

    What are the causes of skin tumors?

    The actual reason behind the skin tumors is not known. There are slight chances that people will develop skin tumors because of hereditary reasons.

    What is the treatment for skin tumors?

    In most cases, treatment is not needed. Some of the methods which are beneficial to treat skin tumors are:

    • Curettage and electrodesiccation

    Under this approach, the tumor tissues are scraped away with the surgical tool known as a curette. Bleeding is prevented with an electrosurgical unit.

    • Surgical excision

    As the name suggests, a cut is made into the skin to take out the growth. The wound is closed with the help of stitches.

    • Cryosurgery

    During cryosurgery, the doctor will spray liquid nitrogen onto the skin. In some cases, the doctor might use the instrument which helps to freeze the tissues.

    The patient can get relief from pain once the tumor or cyst is removed. Short-term pain can be treated with Aleve or Tylenol.

    Make sure that you consult the doctor first and then take the next step because the doctor’s advice is the road to recovery.