Gynecomastia Surgery in Jalandhar – Best Male Boobs Reduction Surgery Centre


    Gynecomastia Surgery in Jalandhar – Best Male Boobs Reduction Surgery Centre

    Five Easy Options To Get Rid Chest Fat Or Man Boobs For Good

    Having the best masculine shaped and toned up chest is the dream of every man but unfortunately, many men do not have such macho type chest that could boost up their confidence and self-esteem in the social gatherings especially in front of women. Some men are having the enlarged size of breasts that give more famine look. This condition of enlarged boobs is known as gynecomastia or man boobs problem.

    More than 15% of men are suffering from due to this condition as they have enlarged breast and even tenderness in the breasts. This condition may happen due to many reasons like due to the imbalance of the hormone which can be due to some medical or health condition and even it can be due to old age as in this age production of estrogen get slower, apart from this disturbed balance of hormones can also happen during puberty means in the adolescence age some males could have enlarged breasts, however, this condition may or may not remain permanent.

    Second most dominating reason for the occurrence of this issue is the overweight as some males are having more weight as a result of which they get the fatty deposit in the breast area and could have the enlarged breast problem. Even due to excess fat person can have the increased level of oestrogen, as a result, the breast tissue grows up and males have enlarged size of breasts.

    As discussed above men want to have the perfect masculine shape of their chest but due to Gynecomastia, their breasts get the famine shape so it is the most embarrassing condition for males as they consider this condition direct hit on their looks, masculine feeling, confidence, and the self-esteem.

    Thus every man with Moobs problem want to tone up his torso for such person following 5 methods can be quite effective

    Switch to a balanced diet

    Some overweight males have the gynecomastia condition due to excess fatty deposit beneath the breasts so for them clean up of their diet can be the good way to get rid of this condition. Breast is made up of lipids or fat so avoiding fat consumption can help you to get the reduced size of breasts. For fat-free diet, you can have the fruits and vegetable enriched diet and even you can make lean meat, curbs like kidney beans, lentils, and oatmeal as the part of your daily meals.

    Switch to booze

    Switch to booze is the effective way of reducing the size of enlarged breasts as the excessive consumption of alcohol not only damage the waistline but also can give you the wobbly chest as it contains the high-calorie content that gets a deposit in many parts of the body and remains unburned.

    Apart from this studies have claimed that alcohol intake may also reduce the production of testosterone as a result of which males have disturbed level of hormones and enlarged breasts.

    So to reduce the size of breasts males must stop the excessive intake of alcohol.

    Toning up the torso

    As discussed before overweight due to some medical condition or due to improper diet intake, lead to the condition of enlarged breasts in males so to reduce the weight men can do many exercises and can burn their extra calories. They can start from the low impact exercises like swimming and can make them their routine so that they can get rid of man boobs problem.

    Apart from this males can start the weight training by especially targeting their upper body so that they can regulate the level of hormones in the body and can burn extra calories. The bench press is also great option to get the desired masculine shape of the chest and even bench press may increase the level of the male hormone testosterone in the body so a person can get rid of Gynecomastia condition caused due to the low level of the male hormone as compared to the female hormone.

    Liposuction surgery

    Liposuction is the surgical option to get rid of stubborn fat which is not reducing with diet and exercise. If the male patient has an enlarged size of breasts due to excessive fatty deposit then the doctors recommend for liposuction a part of gynecomastia surgery in Jalandhar.

    Liposuction is the procedure done under anesthesia and in this procedure small incision is made and then through this incision targeted fat is melted or removed with the help of cannula so that patient could have a contoured body. Thus it is the minimally invasive and painless method of getting the perfect shape of breasts.

    Mastectomy procedure

    For the patients who are having Gynecomastia issue from longtime and all other treatment options got failed so for them mastectomy can be a great option. It is the surgical option for breast reduction in which the breast glandular is reduced through the incision as a result of which male can have the perfect masculine shape of their breasts.

    If you are ready to pay the gynecomastia surgery cost then Gynecomastia surgery is the best option to get permanent and safe results as this surgical method can instantly remove the excess fat and glandular tissue as a result of which you can have the perfectly shaped chest for rest of life.

    Sometimes incision method is combined with the liposuction to give the desired results to the patient so only your cosmetic surgeon can recommend you the best suitable treatment option depending on your extent of the problem and its cause. Some people have fear of surgery and they believe that there are some risks or side effects of Gynecomastia surgery but if you have chosen the best gynecomastia surgery clinic in Punjab then there is no need to get afraid as the best doctors available in the best clinic may reduce the chances of risks and side effects by utilizing their medical skills and knowledge.

    Thus above 5 effective ways can help you to get the desired shape of your chest that can give you the macho feeling with a boosted level of confidence and self-esteem, so try any one or combination of above method as per your condition and get the toned chest.