Do You Really Want To Know Why More Men Are Opting For Male Breast Reduction?


    Do You Really Want To Know Why More Men Are Opting For Male Breast Reduction?

    According to studies, the need for male breast reduction surgery has drastically increased since 2011. This cosmetic surgery is so trendy that men with man boobs recurrently consult plastic surgeons about their candidacy for the procedure. With this surgery, it only takes a single day and a maximum of 3 hours to secure a better tomorrow.

    Gynecomastia & What It Looks Like

    Gynecomastia & What It Looks Like.

    Men who choose to have a male breast reduction surgery are known to have gynecomastia, or what we call man boobs. It is estimated that 53% of males currently live with gynecomastia at one point in life.

    This is generally termed as temporary man boobs, whereas others may move ahead to battle permanent man boobs in case nothing is done. Having gynecomastia is having enlarged breasts, which is totally a woman thing. These breasts tend to appear droopy, but their size varies from patient to patient.

    Any man with noticeable breasts should and must see a doctor before the condition culminates in psychological torture, physical dislikes, humiliations, and depression.

    The Havoc Behind Male Breast Reduction Surgery

    Here are some of the factors that may play a role in triggering gynecomastia in men.

    Predominant- Hormonal Imbalances

    A majority of man boob cases is triggered by hormonal imbalances. The breasts develop when estrogen levels ‘female sex hormone’ increase beyond the normal levels. This makes the testosterone levels ‘male sex hormone’ lower, which in the long run leads to gynecomastia.

    Hormonal imbalances can result from medications, drug use, or any other underlying medical condition.

    Age Advancement

    An imbalance between testosterone and estrogen during adolescence may result in temporary gynecomastia. This type of gynecomastia fades within a few months or years. Similarly, some men may develop gynecomastia during adulthood or when testosterone production begins to naturally go down.


    A man has an increased chance of developing gynecomastia in case males in his family had it. This type of gynecomastia may develop at any stage in life.

    Lifestyle & Drug Use

    Smokers, alcoholics, drug abusers, have an increased chance of developing gynecomastia. Certain medications too can also cause man boobs in the case used for a long period of time.

    Certain oils such as Lavender and tea tree oil can also trigger man boobs, according to studies.

    Evaluating The Surgical Treatment Approach of Gynecomastia

    Male breast reduction surgery is the only man boob solution today that directly removes the enlarged glandular tissue from the breasts. Another form of breast enlargement in men may require liposuction to suck out the increased fat from the breasts.

    Other cases may require a breast lift to remove the excess skin that may compromise with one’s cosmetic desires.