Some Of The Causes Of Losing Huge Amount Of Hair On A Daily Basis


    Some Of The Causes Of Losing Huge Amount Of Hair On A Daily Basis

    Is it normal to notice huge amounts of hair loss daily?

    I mean, what does it say when you observe hair stuck to a bathroom floor or brush?

    It is time to take action in case you are noticing severe hair fall.

    A hair transplant in Ludhiana can be your choice of comfortable surgery for that improved and updated appearance. But if you are apprehensive of the surgical method, you can opt for non-surgical hair loss treatment.

    It is natural to be worried about the hairline and the thickness of your hair. But you can prevent hair loss by solving the problem with professional help with or without cosmetic surgery. There are many causes that might trigger the unhealthy growth of hair, leading to severe hair fall or thinning of hair. This is why it is the perfect time for them to get the proper treatment in order to control and take care of hair loss.


    5 Causes Of Hair Loss In A Day

    Given below are some of the most common reasons for hair loss among men.

    • Having a history of hereditary hair loss

    The number cause of hair loss or bald patches in men is having a history of baldness in the family. Genetics works faster than any technology, and you will be at higher risk of having a bald patch if your family has a history of similar cases. For men, most baldness starts from the crown, but in women, it begins with thinning in the hair.

    • Having trouble managing the hormones

    Hormones play a significant role in dictating the growth of the body. You would especially need to have balanced hormones for the healthy development of hair. In case there is an imbalance in the hormone level, then it is natural for you to notice severe hair loss.

    • Side effects of conventional medicines

    There are certain heavy medicines that, at times, can impact the hair growth cycle, which might result in severe hair loss. One of the most common medication types with side effects includes chemotherapy drugs for cancer, heart medicines, antidepressants, and many others.

    • Having an infection in the scalp

    Head trauma, medications, and other diseases can result in extreme hair loss. Apart from that, alopecia areata, ringworm infection, radiation infection, and excessive pulling or scratching of one hair can also lead to devastating hair loss, which would require professional help to cure.

    • Having too much stress

    Stress is not only good for your health, but it is not suitable for the health of your hair. It can, within no time, lead your hair to become thin. In case you are lately suffering from too much stress, then get ready to notice excessive hair loss.

    Treating Hair Loss With Expertise

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