Are Twin Born with the same hair types?


    Are Twin Born with the same hair types?

    We are here to tell you about hair loss and the treatment related to it. However, the discussion will not be limited to these two topics only. We intend to discuss hair transplant and the relevance of this technique for identical twins.

    Twins are indeed an amazing miracle of nature. If the twins are identical, they are bound to have the same kind of skin, hair, and features. On the other hand, the twins which are not identical may have different features. The reason behind it is that the identical twins develop out of a single egg which later splits into two while the non-identical twins develop from two different eggs fertilized at the same time. This is what has been doing the rounds of the scientific world for ages. However, recent studies have revealed that we have missed out on some facts. The recent studies have shown that twins develop different DNAs by the time they are born, even though they started with the same set of DNAs. The reason behind this fact is that they go on dividing to form new cells once they split up. The repeated division causes changes in DNA and genetic mutations.

    What are the implications?

    Given the above facts, even though identical twins look alike, they may or may not have similar skin, hair, and eye color. As the division of DNA progresses, the twins may have different genes which can lead to a difference in physical features. So, if you have twins and they look the same but they have different hair quality or color, there is nothing to worry about.

    One can see many cases in which identical twins were born but they had different features and skin color. They almost seemed to be non-identical twins. They are also prone to be born with different types of hair texture and color. They may even grow to have different hair loss patterns. While one twin may not have any hair loss problems, the other may report excessive higher fall and need a hair transplant. The unfortunate one might consider that he can take the donor hair from his twin but it can’t be guaranteed in all the cases.

    If there is a difference in the protein structures of the hair follicles, then the donor hair may be rejected by the immune system of the recipient. Thus it is highly recommended that you consult a hair specialist before reaching any conclusion regarding the donor ship feasibility of your twin sibling for your hair transplant.