Hair Transplant in Nawanshahr

India has become the popular destination for hair transplant

With the growing needs of hair loss treatment, India has become the global destination for hair transplant using which people become able to enhance the density of hairs. A large count of people from the different parts of the world chooses India to improve their facial hairs that are lost due to hormone alteration.

For facial hair restoration, FUE Hair Transplant In Nawanshahr is a recommended procedure that offers new hair grown alike to natural hairs. The procedures include harvesting the hairs from the patient’s scalp. The grafts include hair shafts that are then harvested in a strip form.

These are then moved to the recipient region on the face where they are implanted in slits made by a needle. No scars are created as the body heals gradually in the tiny incisions. The hair growth begins in the 3rd month and the results achieved are excellent.

The FUE hair transplant cost in Nawanshahr may begin from 50,000 rupees and can go higher depending on the number of grafts implanted. The procedure may take three to eight hours for hair transplant from donor to recipient region. After the procedure, the hairs grow naturally.

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