Get the Best FUE Hair Transplant in Nangal

Get the desired Hair Transplant here in Nagal to improve your style and confidence. The way you look will always add on your status wherever you go. Hair with its’ associated problems are quite disturbing especially in public

FUE is the commonest surgery used to get best results. In FUE, grafts are extracted from the donor sites mostly in the side of the head to the recipient site which is bald or needs more hair. This technique doesn’t leave scars like FUT and that’s its major advantage and it takes less than a day to accomplish.

Cost Of FUE in Nangal

The cost of FUE is quite low here compared to other states so take up the chance when you still have it. We charge RS.40 per graft compared to RS.60 charged by other surgeons. Our surgeons are well trained and experienced to help you get the best look. Meet our surgeon to examine your problem and discuss more about it.

There are also facilities for a revision hair transplant for those who want one.

For more information about FUE hair transplant contact us or meet us to help you eradicate this problem.

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