Hair Transplant In Mumbai

Hair Transplant In Mumbai
Hair Transplantation is based on the count. The donor area in scalp offers the suitable count of hairs however it is limited. The new patients who are suffering from hair loss problems should choose optimal donor areas to obtain the required outcomes. By exposing the body hair supply, access to enormous resources is provided for Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai.

We purely trust in using only body hair as the remedy of hair loss. Firm body hair, particularly in beard is thicker than scalp and they offer sufficient area coverage. Our clinic has been developed to provide specialized hair Surgery in Mumbai to obtain hair from any specific area of the body. These methods include the essential treatments to provide complete satisfaction to our customers in terms of quality.

Our latest methods enable us to reap a variety of hair types such as:

    1. 1. Curly negroid Hair
    1. 2. Fine Caucasian Hair
    1. 3. Toes hair
    1. 4. Underarm Hair
    1. 5. Belly Hair
    1. 6. Pubic Hair
    1. 7. Chest Hair

Body hair is a significant donor for patients. However, with the small count of hair, our modern techniques work on facial and other regions that were unobtainable by the traditional methods. As compare to scalp hair that is weakened by man hormone DHT, body hair develops and grows and becomes longer with the passage of time.

Each body part has different types of hair such as eyebrows have very fine and straight hair however the hairs on the chest are thick as well as curly therefore these cannot be used for the transplantation on eyebrows.

Following Hair Transplant instructions are made by our surgeons after observing them in patients :

    1. 1. Shaving the donor areas three to five days prior to pick up. It is straightforward and helps to pinpoint enthusiastically growing hair that will be used.
    1. 2. The donor area is the one where hair grows actively for transplantation.
    1. 3. Anticipate that the transplanted hair will keep their basic properties such as length, strength, color, curl and hair growth cycle.
    1. 4. The effect of growth phases and properties of donor hair assumed to be transplanted.
    1. 5. Combine the different body and scalp donor hair in specific scalp part.

The creation and growth of hair is a cyclic procedure. After achieving the complete growth in a matured age, the length and thickness of hair decreases in a natural manner and later the old hair is replaced by a new hair and the development cycle is repeated. The types of hair transplant Surgery in Mumbai followed are:

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE: It includes the harvesting of donor hair individually. In this method, the hair transplantation is done choosing a small micro-punch to differentiate a group of hair. Each group includes 1 to 4 hairs known as follicular units which are extracted from the head. This is a very hectic and delicate technique and usually takes around eight hours for the excessively bald heads.

Follicular unit strip surgery: This surgical technique is followed to achieve higher grafts count per session. We have a team of expert surgeons who can transplant thousands of hairs using this technique. The whole technique is performed under microscopic level observation and it leaves invisible scars.

Body Hair extraction: For people who are suffering from wide baldness, body hairs are a consistent resource. These are thicker than those grown on the scalp and hence they offer larger volume and cover scalp after hair transplant in Mumbai.

Facial Hair restoration: We also offer facial hair restoration or transplantation service including eyebrows, eyelash transplant, mustache and beard etc.

There are more services in line that are provided by our expert surgeons such as repair hair transplant, single technique, feather touch anesthesia etc.

We are a pioneer hair transplant surgery provider in Mumbai. With the record treatment of thousands of patients, our surgeons are highly experienced in meeting your individual needs better. Our consultants are excessively trained in solving your any problem and enquiry about transplantation. Our competitive Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai lets you enjoy the natural hair growth provided within your budget. Contact us today to receive any kind of information or for proper consultation about the treatment.

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