Hair Transplant in Barnala

Causes of hair loss in Men and Women

The major cause of hair loss in men is hereditary androgenetic alopecia that is resulted by a hormone dihydrotestosterone. It causes genetic hair loss in men. Whilst in females, the hair loss is caused by genetic patterns, thyroid, anaemia, stress, severe sickness, sudden weight gain and childbirth.

Hair Loss Treatment

The Fue hair transplant in barnala provides the permanent and lasting solution to hair fall. It is an advanced treatment for hair loss due to increasing age and other factors. It is a perfect hair loss enhancement treatment that fixes the baldness for the long term.

Benefits of FUE

  • 1. The surgical technique includes direct implantation of the received grafts without big invasions.
  • 2. Body and beards are harvested in the single sitting if the donor region is limited.
  • 3. Recipient area is packed at excellent density
  • 4. Professional surgeons remove the grafts confirming their small transaction rate
  • 5. It involves the use of advanced magnification system.

The FUE hair transplant cost in Barnala goes from 30,000 to 60,000 depending on the count of grafts transplanted. The complete economical surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are conducted by the team of surgeons using the advanced techniques to transform the appearance of people. The hair transplant widely improves the baldness condition and enhances self esteem of an individual. Hair transplant is a permanent treatment of baldness and is highly significant for men. This technique is effective for major or minor hair thinning problems.

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