Hair Transplant in Dubai

FUE Hair Transplant Dubai

Hair is important for all of us now days. Style and to look good is the top most necessity for anyone. But, unfortunately issues like pollution, life style, genetics and medical condition is causing many even young to lose their hairs either in thickness or are going bald. This is leading to many going into depression and secluding themselves into a protective layer that blocks them from interacting with others.

Hair Transplants

Gone are the days of sulking and gloaming over hairs loss as medical science has made vast development and now with this treatment one can easily regain their crowning glory. Once a myth that is dangerous and has many side effects, it is becoming a trend for many suffering. Even men are finding it a big issue in accepting the fact that they might lose.

How can Hair Transplants help you?

The answer is simple, with it you can revive the lost hairs and the better part is taken from your own head or rather to say from the donor part of your head and transplanted to the recipient area on your head. Yes, likewise a surgery is a surgery and shall be well thought over before proceeding because once done cannot be reverted. Though transplantation has been around for more than 40+ years, it is only a decade back that it took a revolutionary break and became the breakaway for depression for those suffering from loss.

Before you have a date planned for the surgery there are some points you should go over and they are:

• Be sure you understand the process of transplants clearly and have no doubt in your mind and are fully aware of what is going to happen. • Be certain the surgery is the last option for you and no medication can help you in restoring your hairs back. • Make sure the transplants clinic you have chosen is a reputed one and has a good record of successful transplants in a year. • Make sure you are fully aware and ready with the Pre and Post operation requirements. • You are fully aware of what will happen (the surgery procedure) on the day of your surgery and what you are to expect after the surgery. • You are fully versed in the post-operation requirements and care of the head after surgery.

Hair Transplant Treatment

The Citizens of Dubai like any other country suffer from hairs loss and have been living in the gloom of not having anything to do. Medications are available but, at times the case is too serious that no medication can help. Now with it, clinics things have changed and many people, not only people living but from abroad countries are also coming from foreign for their transplant treatments.

Dr. Vikas Gupta is one of the world-renowned hair surgeons of India. Dr. Vikas has completed his education in Cosmetic Surgery from the affiliated university of North India and at present is the founder and owner of Profile Center that is internationally acclaimed for its 100% success in transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction is a top class technology preferred for hairs Transplant. With the help of punching tool follicles extracting and place at the bald area of the scalp. FUT:- Follicular Unit Transplant used to remove grafts from the donor area and then placed into a bald area its called strip method one more surgery is called stem cell hair transplant.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Strip Method Hair Transplant

FUT follicular unit transplantation also known as the strip harvesting method. In this method, a strip of extracted from our back of the head and then hair grafts extract from here. 3 to 4 hairs in a graft so then these hair follicles are transplanted into the bald area where hairs are required.

What is Hair Transplant?

It involves removing the strip of hairs from our scalp at the back of the head by using the strip to fill the area where no hairs most of the doctors performed under anesthesia. 2-4 inch scalp will be removed. After removing scalp then they stitch scalp and close that portion. After this surgeons divide scalp into approx 700 to 2500 tiny hair Grafts containing individual hairs. Then the surgeon cleans the area where hair will be placed, Create holes with needle and place grafts into the holes. Within five to eight hours taken for this procedure.

Cost Of Hair Transplant

Cost of hair transplantation in Dubai depends upon the number of hairs to be transplanted, Normally a hair graft cost 45 to 70 and a surgery cost starting from 45000 Rs to 95000 Rs. Cost of hair transplants varies from surgeon to surgeon and services. Hair transplants a most effective restoration process which offers grantee of hair growth. Factors influence the appearance of the hairline.

Why Hair Loss

Hair loss in both men and women is genetic by alopecia. More reasons for hair loss may be diet, stress. illness or medication.

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